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SAF Profile

Profile – Social Action Foundation (SAF)

Social Action Foundation (SAF) is Secular, Non profit, nongovernmental organisation Registered in Delhi under Indian Trust Act Regd. No. 49735 on 16th November 2000 by versatile team of dedicated social worker, experienced researcher and scholars, academicians & professionals from various fields and disciplines who shared a dream to work on women empowerment, Public Health, Education, women and child development and skill development especially for the integrated development of the deprived sections of the society in rural & slum areas.

Our Objectives

  • To work towards women empowerment, Health & Education especially for marginalized section of society.

  • To enable the dalits & other poor communities with a focus on women to identify the social vulnerabilities and to build capacity for their empowerment to overcome their problems, thus securing a place of pride for themselves in the society.

  • To approach child development from the perspective of child rights, encourage, educate and empower children and their parents to fight for child rights.

  • To extend solidarity for collective action and co-operate with groups working for poor at micro and macro levels.

  • To serve as nodal continuing education centres.

  • To improve the occupational skills and technical knowledge of the neo-literates and the trainees and to raise their efficiency and increase productive ability.

  • To organise training and orientation courses for Key Resource Persons, Master Trainers

  • To promote national goals such as secularism, national integration, population and development, women’s equality, protection and conservation of environment.

  • Mother & Child Care

  • Prevention of STD/HIV/AIDS/Hepatitis.

  • Empowerment of Women through SHGs, Micro thrift & credit and Income Generation Program, Vocational, Capacity Building, Leadership, Social Awakening & Legal Awareness trainings.

  • Research, Documentation, Training & Capacity Building, Publication, Information dissemination, Library & Museum.

  • To make efforts towards establishment of equality & social justice in the society.


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